About Abu Munshar Automotive Paint Company

 About Us
This group was founded in the early fifties, and it was specialized  in distribution all Building Material.

from construction materials, steel , cement, all types of Paints and related material …etc.
At the beginning of the seventies it was listed among the world companies’ of paints concerns. in (West Bank of Jordan) – Palestine.

And with the variety scope of work that is done recently by the third generation of the family.

founded by Abu Munshar Company for Investment and Marketing the original automotive paints and accessories In 1988 by engineer “Mohammad Nizar” Abu Munshar, and seek to give the best products

Work fields
With the words leading automotive paints and related accessories companies brands from the high quality the Eroupen and American products      

of Car- refinishes, body fillers, Clear coats, Hardeners, primers and accessories.

Our Goals
To Cover all the needs of the Palestinian markets in the two parts of the country (west Bank And Gaza ) of all types of automotive paints with the Hight quality.

Providing service to customers.

Solve any problem facing technicians while using any product marketed by the company.

Opening up new markets in neighboring countries.

Create new job opportunities for the sector of auto paint, and making training and educational courses to deal with developments in the world of automotive paints.

The secret of our success
Customers are our primary targets to provide services wherever and whenever they demand.

Direct sales to distributors and groups of clients who are working constantly and directly with Abu Munshar Company throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and who in turn provide all Palestinian cities.

Our commitment to provide high-quality products and quality service that our customers are aware that we only deal with high quality with great value.

Our dedication to work with international companies specializing in automotive paint and related accessories with a very high quality and superior and the first in the world.

Distributors and suppliers are our partners in growth and contribute highly in our success, we believe in the partnership based on respect and mutual trust with everyone.

We look forward for a bright, bold tomorrow that holds for us new possibilities and new challenges.

Our focus remains on to be the best.

We maintain agencies granted to us from the world’s leading companies in automotive paints and related accessories.

We maintain a great standard of quality for our products.

We share markets with distributors and agents in the world of automotive paint and related accessories and we maintain mutual trust between us.